A Word From Our Pastor … Douglas Goodin


Greetings! My name is Doug, and I have the privilege of serving as the senior pastor of Front Range Alliance Church (“FRAC” for short). Since you have navigated to this page, you are probably trying to figure out what kind of church FRAC is. If so, please allow me to describe FRAC as I perceive it, or, at least, what I hope to see it become.

FRAC is a community of Christ-followers which desires to walk worthy of His name. This means seeking the unity and peace that His Spirit brings and loving one another with humility, gentleness, patience, and tolerance. We do not seek “peace at all costs,” but the peace and unity that results from loving Jesus Christ—both the Man and His message.

FRAC is a part of God’s family. We work together to accomplish the work of God’s Son. When a sister is hurting, we comfort. When a brother is in need, we help. When a friend is down, we encourage. When a member falls, we pick him up. We exhort everyone to contribute to the effort of building up one another in the faith of Jesus Christ.

FRAC is a fellowship of worshippers. Our ambition is to present ourselves— mind, body, and soul— to the Lord Jesus Christ as living sacrifices. We desire to worship Christ with every thought, every action, and every word. On Sunday mornings, we gather to be edified by the Word of God, to ascribe the praise that is due Him, and to stimulate one another to love and good deeds.

FRAC is a pillar of truth. We have found the only real source of joy and hope—Jesus Christ; we labor to share this good news with people in our neighborhood and around the globe. We pray for unbelievers, we support missionaries, and we proclaim the gospel to our friends. We desire all men to come to the Spring of eternal life.

If that sounds like the kind of place where you could be well served and serve well, please join us for worship this Sunday. And, please introduce yourself; I’d be delighted to meet you.  Doug

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